2023: Message from Exchange Students (Medway to Ito)

Two Exchange Student from Medway, UK, Victoria Tudball and Ethan Mackenzie stayed in Ito from July 29th to August 12th, 2023.


Victoria Tudball / ヴィクトリア・タッドボール

The Ito exchange program was one of the best things that has happened to me. It gave me a unique opportunity to be fully immersed in Japanese culture. It gave me a chance to get a real feel of Ito. I was blessed to make friends, family, and memories in Ito. This amazing experience was given to me because of William Adams, Mura Anjin. 

Travelling to Ito gave me an insight into Will Adams and allowed me to learn new information about him that I didn’t know before coming. I was fortunate to experience the Anjin festival. The hour-long fireworks display was breathtaking. 

I have many other fond memories that I took away from Japan such as the koto class. I was fortunate enough to try amazing new foods that you can’t get in England. However, one of the best parts was my host families. They treated me like family, and I really felt at home. Everyone in Ito treated me warmly and it was an honor and privilege to have met them. 

Thank you, Ito for this amazing experience and I can’t wait to go back to Japan.





Ethan Mackenzie / イーサン・マッケンジー

This programme was amazing. I truly love the connections I have been able to make halfway across the globe. Both host families were incredibly kind and treated me like their son, so I felt right at home. Every day was a whole new experience that I could look forward to. It is incredibly difficult to place one day above another as they were all amazing; there was always something to learn, whether it was the language or activity and the IAIR members and Senseis we met were so enthusiastic and welcoming, making for an amazing 2 weeks. In particular, I loved the Will Adams Festival, the Anjin-sai. It was great to end our last night in Ito with the 10,000 fireworks show surrounded by the friends who made the exchange possible, and I will never forget the crowd sending us off by Ito station. The programme has made me fall in love with Ito and Japan even more, I already plan on coming back!