Yuuna Nakadate

中楯友菜 – 2024年度メドウェイ派遣生


Through this exchange program, I aim to improve my ability to speak and understand English so that I can converse confidently with people from other countries. I want to become so comfortable with English that I can enjoy conversations without panic, especially since I often get approached at stations.

Additionally, since this might be my only chance to do a homestay in the UK, I want to actively engage with my host family and deepen my knowledge of British culture and the history of Miura Anjin. If there are any museums or memorials related to Miura Anjin, I would love to visit them. I also read in the diary of a previous exchange student about traveling with the host family and wearing a yukata, and I hope to do these activities this year if possible.

Experiencing this during my first year of high school is a fantastic opportunity. I intend to make the most of these two weeks, enjoying every moment and gathering plenty of experiences to share with next year’s exchange students.