Maho Okada

岡田真穂 – 2024年度リエティ派遣生


I believe that Itō City has countless attractions. From its old shopping streets to the sweets beloved by locals, just walking through the city allows you to encounter many of its charms. I want to learn how to utilize these attractions from Rieti, a city with a rich history. When I am dispatched to Rieti, I want to immerse myself in Italian culture and gain a variety of experiences. For example, I plan to visit museums and explore the city, enjoy Italian cuisine, and converse with the locals. I hope this period will broaden my perspective and way of thinking, which I value greatly. Since I aspire to work abroad in the future, I want to expand the circle of international exchange. Additionally, through the calligraphy and karate that I practice, I hope to spread the charms of Japan and Itō to Italy.